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  AutoBo Electronic Technology Company Limited, which was established in 2003, specializes in the research and develop-
ment, production, and sales of oil-less compressors, oil-less vacuum pumps, and other electronic products. Both the brand and the relevant technology came from Taiwan. The Company, located in the well-known industrial city Dongguan,  has a couple of factories for the production of spare parts and their assembly. It boasts of sophisticated processing and testing equipment.   
  For many years, following the line of making clean and eco-friendly products, the Company has been upgrading its tech-
nology to manufacture more advanced products. Meanwhile, we have been dedicated to the quality of the products, after-sales service,  and the build-up of the brand.  Our products, which are compact in size,  free from noise,  and fair in prices,  are well received for their fabulous performance at home and abroad. They are widely used in such fields as home and hospital oxygen generators, dental and sterilizing equipment, vacuum absorbing equipment, vacuum printing frame and exposure equipment, vacuum packing equipment, slimming equipment, electronic devices, and the like. 
  Thanks to the rapid growth in the past few years, the Company has already set up its marketing network, quality control system, and customer network. By state laws and regulations, we undertake to design   products for our customers by their requirement. Besides, we will instruct our customers how to use and service the products. Finally we will pay customers follow-up visit on regular basis so as to provide our customers with the products and service.





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